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A    RDA 3000 IU per day for men, 2300 for women

Main antioxidant in the mucous membranes and is a chelator. "Vitamin A and beta carotene caused remission of precancerous areas called oral leukoplakias and prevented new lesions from forming." (Vitamin A therapy and Oral Cancer: Sci. News 6-11-88) Required for many body functions. Enhances immunity to infections including some forms of cancer and is  anti-aging. Zinc, B Complex, E, calcium, and phosphorus required for assimilation. Alcoholics have a shortage of this vitamin. Source is fish liver oil.  Others may be toxicDosage over 10000 IU per day caused birth defects. (27) See note 3.

"Excess Vitamin A intake increases the risk of bone fractures.  For optimal bone mineral density vitamin A (retinol) intake should not exceed 2000 to 2800 IU per day.  Provitamin A carotenes have no significant effect on bone fracture.  Both low and high intakes of vitamin A may compromise bone health."  Hypervitaminosis A and Fractures, Paul Lips, M.D., Ph.D.  (New England Journal of Medicine: 01-23-03)

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