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CALCIUM CITRATE   1000 to 1500 mg  a day

Deficiency results in kidney stones, osteoporosis, leg cramps, bleeding gums, peeling nails, and hypertension.  Reduces incidence of colorectal cancer, (20) platelet clumping, aids
hypoglycemics, improves memory, lowers cholesterol, and is a chelator.  In animal studies an inverse correlation between amount of food turned to fat and calcium intake has been reported.  Later tests have shown that women consuming the least calcium weighed the most.  (Science News:4-29-2000Sugar, high protein, and high phosphate foods and vitamin K deficiency cause increased excretion of calcium in the urine.  One source for phosphate is the phosphoric acid found in carbonated beverages.  This acid also picks up aluminum from
pin holes in the coating in aluminum cans.  Nearly one-third of all women and one sixth of all men will fracture their hips in their lifetimes.  Tests have shown that elderly patients could
absorb about 4 percent of the calcium in calcium carbonate, down from a normal of 22 percent, but would absorb about 45 percent of the calcium from calcium citrate.  Calcium citrate is the best form of calcium because of better absorption and decreased risk
of kidney stone formation.  Boron and vitamin D enhances calcium absorption.  Copper is involved in bone strengthening.  A shortage of calcium and magnesium will enhance the deposition of aluminum in nerve cells.  Calcium may reduce the absorption of
zinc.  In tests all dolomite and bone meal products and 23 out of 25 unrefined carbonates had lead levels that exceeded the maximum allowed by law of 1 mcg per 800 mg of calcium. (27)

It has been reported that the amount of fat produced by the body is inversely proportional to the amount of calcium in the diet. Data from the University of Tennessee. (Science News: 4-29-00)

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